Not Forgotten

Nothing in Ukraine seems the same from day to day. As the cold winds blow, so do the rules. A child who has Autism Spectrum Disorder in Ukraine can find no place in society.

Thus begins the story of NOT FORGOTTEN, a feature documentary that exposes the untold story of Autism in Ukraine. This timely documentary discusses and educates its audience about what can be done to aid and educate professionals and parents who suffer from cultural shame and rejection.

Life for parents of children with Autism is a constant struggle. Not only is help almost non-existent for most parents, the shame that is placed on them and their child with Autism is saddening.

Whether in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa or the Americas, every child has definitive value. Regardless of their natural abilities whether positive or negative, a child has the right to gain his or her full potential. In Eastern Europe, and particularly Ukraine, the culture does not value children with disabilities, nor has a place for them in society.

Join us in bringing this tragic story to life and showing these children that they are: NOT FORGOTTEN.


Director – Tom Saxon

Producers – Tom Saxon & Matt Blick

Director of Photography – Matt Blick