Nathan Ashton

Nathan Ashton has created audio for radio, TV, and film for 20 years. During this time he taught audio post at University, produced a TV show for Hallmark, and traveled to four continents assembling teams of creative professionals for projects of all sizes. In the last several years Ashton has focused on Foley and Sound Effects Editing; landing jobs with Burns Family Studios, Five Stones Productions., Ealing Studios, and HBO. Efforts are underway to leverage his experience to establish a bespoke audio-post studio capable of servicing clients of all sizes.

Nathan now lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife Lydia, three children, a cat, and a tiny tarantula. When not working with audio, he delights in making his kids smile (or groan) by singing silly songs, inventing “Papa Jokes”, and by reading to them. Nathan enjoys traveling and met his wife in Sweden. Lydia is an accomplished composer of music for network television and often serves as an extra set of ears on Nathan’s film projects. Together they work in the mission field of media while encouraging Christians to become intentional media creators.

Guild Workshops

Faking Reality – Audio for Reality & Documentary Film
While an audience is more forgiving with sound blemishes on reality and documentary projects, there are techniques we can use to make reality sound better. First: capture good sound (location audio basics). Second: save what you can (de-noise). Finally: make it memorable (SFX and Foley). All of this will amplify the listener’s experience when engaging your story.

Audio Post Signposts
There are many places where audio post-production can fall short. A pro knows how to avoid most of them and overcome the rest. This session will explore what to ask from Editorial, establishing up a good workflow, and how to approach dialog, sound effects, backgrounds, and music. While not strictly for the audio team, this workshop will include detailed examples audio engineers will appreciate.

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