Matthew Shaw

Matthew Shaw is an Art Director and Prop Builder, with experience in independent film and live shows. He and his wife Marcela work as a team, often leading the Art Department together, with Marcela acting as Production Designer.

His film resume includes Hero, Polycarp, Alone Yet Not Alone, and Champion. For the past four years he and Marcela have worked as Scenic Designers for Thomas Road Baptist Church on their Christmas musical Virginia Christmas Spectacular. They have made some interesting pieces, like photo realistic trees and a giant snowman puppet. They also recently had the opportunity to join Answers in Genesis, building props for the Ark Encounter, a life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark.

Matthew also writes television and film scripts, and is working on a graphic novel.

Guild Workshops

Basics of Art Department: Part 1
The Art Department is one of the most foundational elements of any film, where the visual magic begins. This class will explain the basics of running a successful Art Department, including the purpose and scope of the department, it’s organization, and the process of pre-production.

Basics of Art Department: Part 2
We will continue exploring the function and purpose of the Art Department, through the challenges of production and post-production. Then we will demonstrate how to create a script breakdown, walking through one of the most essential steps in taking a script and making it a reality.

Basics of Production Design
William Goldman says that Production Designer is one of the most important positions on a film crew, right alongside the Director and the Writer. Come see what makes this position so special, and learn some of the basics of how to fill this challenging role.