Mark Knudsen

Combining filming with flying, Executive Producer Mark Knudsen has worked in the airline industry for more than 25 years. Captain Knudsen currently works for Delta Airlines and flies an A330 aircraft. Receiving his degree in engineering from Western Michigan University, he focused on science and math. He was not interested in classes that involved a lot of writing. That all changed when he was looking to utilize spare time that he spent waiting at the airport or on lay-overs and started writing scripts. Today, he is busy as the executive producer of several Christian films with Creed of Gold, being his biggest project to date. Mark Knudsen enjoys living with his wife and six children in Michigan.

Guild Workshop

  • Why Christians need to be involved in the Media – Mach 13th, 10:45am
  • Why should Christians be involved in an art platform that the church has historically avoided? Modern media is having a greater impact than ever before, from Facebook to Netflix our world is becoming media centered. Who is really discipling the culture and how can we use these mediums for the glory of God?

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