Luke DeBoer

Luke DeBoer is a filmmaker, entrepreneur and web developer who is passionate about helping fellow creatives accomplish their goals through organization and communication. He has worked as a 2nd Assistant Director on a number of Christian films and served as the Visual Effects Coordinator of Beyond the Mask and War Room. Luke is the co-founder / CEO of the startup SetHero, a web app that helps filmmakers easily create awesome call sheets. In his free time, Luke loves running, getting to know people over coffee, and writing code.

Guild Workshops

Production Coordination – How to Make a Movie Without Losing your Mind
Production is stressful. Cast, crew, locations, shotlists, budgets and schedules come rushing to you at a million miles an hour. It’s hard to keep up, much less stay ahead of the curve. But there is a way! In this fun and informative talk, SetHero creator Luke DeBoer will share his unique process of managing productions from beginning to end. (Excel templates included!) Grab some coffee and a pen and get ready to soar to the next level of production coordination!

Post-Production Management – Lessons from the trenches of Beyond the Mask
Grab your scuba gear, because we’re about to take a deep dive into world of managing post-production and visual effects. You’ll hear real-world successes, failures, and takeaways from the visual effects journey of Beyond the Mask, which had over 800 visual effects shots totaling a whopping 45 minutes of back-to-back run time. Don’t miss this chance to learn about editing and visual effects while taking an exclusive peak behind the frames of this ground-breaking Christian film!