Lee Roscoe

Lee has a Masters of Education in Instructional Systems Technology and a Bachelor’s in English Language and Literature. Additional education includes courses in Television Production and Digital Video Editing. He became a Christian while serving in the Army in Vietnam. His Christian pilgrimage includes full time mission service with The Navigators discipling organization as well as service in the local church where he has served on Media teams and currently teaches a discipleship class, “Foundations of Faith.” Besides being the South Texas representative of one of the media ministries he will tell you about in his workshop, Lee was involved in the production of a faith-based TV series called “Heroes” where he participated both as crew and talent in such productions as “The Code Talkers”; it is about the Navaho’s who played a brave and significant role in defeating the Japanese and saving American lives in the South Pacific during World War Two. Lee is employed in the curriculum development field for the Department of Defense besides being a retired civil servant. Lee and his bride of 42 years, Ruth, have 3 daughters and one grandson; (Lee tells me he is “ruthless” when his wife is not around.) He and Ruth are currently praying for 2 godly mature (35-40) husbands for their 2 single daughters (I understand Lee has a 30 page application plus a rigorous interview process for husband candidates.) Lee’s favorite book of the Bible is The Gospel of John with the last few chapters of Job running a close second; one of his favorite verses is Phil 4: 6-8. Lee is also an accomplished, published author. You can read his article on technology addiction at http://www.movieguide.org/news-articles/invasion-pod-people-technology-friend-foe.html.