Sanctity-of-Life-Award-Runner-Up 2014-FINALIST-YOUNG-FILMMAKERS-AWARD
Labeled 2


Labeled exposes the shocking reality of how parents of some children diagnosed with genetic disorders are tragically being told their child’s condition is lethal, futile, and incompatible with life. Once labeled, it is not uncommon for the child to have life sustaining food and basic medical care withheld or withdrawn, without the consent or knowledge of the parents.

Follow young filmmaker Hannah Allison and her family on this cross country journey. Talking with medical experts, families, historians and theologians, they uncover the historical roots of the modern day eugenics movement and the disturbing practice of passive euthanasia still occurring in hospitals today. This film also addresses the rich blessings, love and joy these families experience through the gift of their child as well as what the Scriptures have to say about the sanctity of human life and these special needs children.

This powerful documentary is a wake-up call to people of Biblical faith, parents, hospitals, churches, those fighting for the sanctity of life and social justice, and those touched by special needs, who need to know the truth about the atrocities that are occurring in this country.

Director – Hannah Allison
Producer – Hannah Allison
Director of Photography – Hannah Allison



Hear the Allison family discussing their journey on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk radio show: Part 1, Part 2