Kickstart Millionaires

Skylar Evans and Kihal Anderson are both unemployed college dropouts. They are also millionaires. Sick of overpriced video games, Kihal realizes America needs a fourth video game manufacturer that will produce low-cost games. Skylar is fascinated by Kihal’s idea for cheap games, and he puts the project up on the crowdfunding website, Within days, people pledge millions to the project, and Kihal and Skylar become instant celebrities. However, their fame and impending riches force them to face a painful reality; they have no clue how to produce a high-quality but inexpensive gaming platform. Skylar tells Kihal they can throw together something to keep the project alive, but Kihal doesn’t know if he can go along with their scheme.

(SHORT FILM – 29 minutes)
Director – Nathaniel Schexnayder and Ivy Schexnayder
Producer – Ivy Schexnayder and Nathaniel Schexnayder
Director of Photography – Ivy Schexnayder