Jurgen Beck

Award-winning composer Jurgen Beck was born in Germany in 1962 and began his musical journey early in his life. His passion and interest in music was directed toward training on the trumpet (Fluegelhorn), while at the same time picking up other instruments such as guitar, piano, and bass. His passion for harmonic structure stems from his early years of musical training and playing in a brass choir in Germany.

Growing up in a country that has provided some of the most renowned composers in history, his love for music found further expression when he started writing all songs and lyrics for his band that went on to garner a growing following and essentially resulted in a recording contract and concert tours.

Having received a full scholarship, he moved to the USA in 1987 to continue his music studies at a Christian college in Dallas, Texas. It was during that time that he began producing music for independent artists, allowing him to refine his skills not only as a composer, but all aspects of music arrangement, recording, mixing, and mastering audio.

His love for film music essentially resulted in a natural transition from writing and producing music to writing for film. Recognizing the unique aspects of composing for film, he studied with renowned composer Leon Willett, who has been instrumental in furthering his understanding of harmony and musical structure. He also studied writing for orchestral instruments with Stephen Hill.

Jurgen is a creative composer who loves to explore the multi-faceted aspects of music and how it affects the listener. This gives him a unique ability adding music to picture that engages the viewer’s emotive abilities to absorb the story. Whether it is composing for feature films, documentaries, commercials, or digital media, his passion is to bring whatever medium he writes for to life by adding a unique blend of electronic and orchestral elements.

Jurgen, his wife Shawn, their daughter Arianna, and their two dogs, Gracie and Molly, reside in northern Texas.

Guild Workshops

    Working With A Composer and Executive Music Producer

    We all realize that music plays an important role in the context of a film. Not only does the music express aspects of the story that otherwise might get lost in the action or dialog, but it also pushes the film to the next level, enhancing the viewing audience’s experience.

    This workshop looks at the process of involving a professional composer in your film, from the very early stage of pre-production to conducting spotting sessions, and finally scoring the film. This includes what the composer needs from you and what you get with the production. We will also have a look at the cost of a film score and break it down for budgetary purposes. Also discussed are cost-cutting methods for lower budget films.

    The workshop additionally looks at the increasingly important role of the music producer for a film. An executive music producer is the added guarantee that nothing is lost in translation between the director and the composer. The music producer is often a seasoned composer himself who helps maximizing communication and workflow between the director and the composer on a project. How that works is explained during the workshop. Whether you have worked with a film composer or an executive music producer before, or are completely new to the concept, this workshop has something for every filmmaker, along with time for questions and answers from the audience. Target Audience: Directors, Producers

    Creating Music for a Film

    This workshop looks at music for film from a composer’s viewpoint and is geared more for the film music lover and working composer, with plenty of tips and tricks of the trade, including secrets composers often reluctantly share with others. What makes a composer tick and how does a composer arrive at the music the often so perfectly matches the films it is written for? What are the tools a composer uses and what is the process of going from the written notes to a fully recorded film score? Join us for an entertaining look behind the scenes of creating compelling music for film.Target Audience: Film Enthusiasts, Directors, Composers

    Website: http://jurgenbeck.com Twitter: @jurgenbeck Facebook: facebook.com/jurgenbeckmusic YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/jurgenbeck Vimeo: vimeo.com/channels/150083 IMDb: www.imdb.com/name/nm3616384