Jon & Erin

“What happens when two incredibly gifted artists get married? This day.

The wedding was designed around the juxtaposition of soft and hart textures. Soft florals contrasting to the modern industrial backdrop. Visually striking while maintaining a soft, laid back elegance.

The cinematography was crafted to tell the journey of Jon and Erin through overarching visual subtexts. Most notably the structure of screen placement for the bride and groom. You will notice that the film places the bride in the left half and the groom in the right half until they are married. This is to show them as two separate people who then (once married) exist together as one. Their screen travel was also choreographed to transition between locations seamlessly.”

(Documentary – 3)
Director – Barrett Kaufman
Producer – Barrett Kaufman
Director of Photography – Barrett Kaufman
Asst. Cinematographer – Jillian Bowen
Asst. Cinematographer – Kyler McCormick