John Doryk

John William Doryk is an award winning film composer and sound designer, who has been creating original music and sound design for over 25 years. He has had his works aired on The Discovery Channel, History Channel, PBS, NBC, BBC, ABC Nightline, FOX Network, Netflix, A&E Biography, and for Focus on the Family(Adventures in Odyssey/Radio Theater), Answers in Genesis Creation Museum, Compassion Intl, and many independent feature films and audio dramas.

In 2010, he received “Gold” at the Park City Film Music Festival for his work on the PBS series “For Love of Liberty:The Story of America’s Black Patriots” starring Halley Berry, Morgan Freeman, Samuel Jackson, Alan Rickman and General Colin Powell. Recently, in addition to composing music and songs for Sight & Sound Theater’s latest musical “Samson” and providing original music for the PBS special “Unsung Heroes” produced by Ron Howard, he was supervising sound editor/sound designer and composer on Stone Table Films latest feature film “Badge of Faith” as well as supervising sound editor for the feature film “Confessions of a Prodigal Son” starring Kevin Sorbo (currently featured on Netflix). He was also dialogue editor on Burns Studio “Beyond The Mask” starring John Rhys Davies.

He is now working with Lamplighter Theater on recording and sound designing several new upcoming audio drama series. He currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife and two children where he loves to technical rock climb, ice climb, backpack and hike in God’s beautiful creation.

Guild Workshops

Composer/Director Relationship & Process
Award winning film composer John William Doryk describes how the collaborative relationship of film composer and film director can work together to create powerful underscores that not only serve the director’s vision, but ultimately emotionally moves the audience through the arc of the film’s story. In this workshop, he not only describes the relationship, but also the defined process that both use to accomplish this task.

The Power of the Soundtrack in Narrative Film Production
Award winning film composer and sound designer John William Doryk will discuss how the combined crafts of the composer, music supervisor, and sound designer work together to create an immersive experience in the post production process of creating soundtracks for narrative feature films.

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