Jeremiah Warren

Jeremiah Warren is an award-winning director, filmmaker, photographer, and online content creator based out of Dallas, TX. He has created content for Microsoft, The Blaze (formerly Glenn Beck TV), Reddit, Mashable, and other brands. He has been featured on Good Morning America, The Atlantic, CNN, Fox News, MSN, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo! News. His work has been written about on popular sites such as The Huffington Post, Wired, Business Insider, Gizmodo, and more. Jeremiah is passionate about telling stories and using visual mediums to engage the audience.

Guild Workshops

  • Internetainment: YouTube and viral video explained – March 12th, 10:45am
In this workshop, Jeremiah Warren will discuss the world of viral and web videos, drawing from his experience in obtaining over 8 million views on his YouTube channel. He will answer questions such as, “What is a viral video”? “Why do certain videos go viral and others don’t?” and “Is it possible to make a video with the intentions of it going viral?”.
  • Introduction to Motion Graphics – March 13th, 10:45am

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