In the Name of God

Years of bouncing from one foster care home to another have left Mason Jones feeling unwanted and unloved. When the 17-year-old moves in with the Lewis family, they seem just like all of his previous foster parents: middle-aged, one child, and called by God to his change his life. However, unlike the others, the Lewis family is determined to keep Mason around, despite the initial wishes of their son, Nate, who views taking Mason into their home as an attempt to replace their deceased son and brother, Jack. With zero chances left and no other options, Mason starts attending a court mandated support group. There, he finds a friend and learns important life lessons about humility, respect, and fresh starts

(FEATURE FILM – 86 minutes)
Director – Kevan Otto
Producer – Danny Roth and Damiano Tucci
Director of Photography – Bryan Koss