General Session, Wednesday Morning – Greg Harris

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GreggHarris-3.11amSessionAs the second day of the Filmmaker’s Guild began, Greg Harris shared valuable encouragement with us from God’s Word as it applies to all areas of our lives. He encouraged the church to engage the culture, referencing four different jurisdictions in the kingdom.

The first jurisdiction is the believer, who is a steward of God’s righteousness by faith.  Thus, our obligation is to prepare and present the gospel.  Second is the jurisdiction of the household, where we receive God’s wealth through our labors.  The household is the center of production and provision. The church is the third jurisdiction, where we, as God’s people are stewards of God’s truth by Scripture.  It is the church’s job to proclaim and profess His truth. Finally,there is the jurisdiction of the city/state, whose role is to enforce God’s justice.  It’s obligation is to protect and prosecute.

Harris also spoke about how we, as Christians, should do excellent work in every area of our lives, including our filmmaking.