General Session, Tuesday Afternoon – Curtis Bowers

Written by CWVFF Admin. Posted in News

Curtis-Bowers-3.10midSessionWe were blessed to hear Curtis Bowers speak today. He spoke about how he got involved in local government once a month, after hearing that 35% of the Republican local precinct positions are typically left empty. He felt God called him to serve in his local government in this manner. Eventually, that job changed his life. Curtis talked about how following a calling can be scary, but we should trust him nevertheless. Ultimately, this government job compelled him to make a documentary which highlighted the corruption in the government. In 2010 he and his family traveled to promote the film. Through this they were given many ministry opportunities. During this time Curtis worked very hard to be a good father and leader. One of the most important things in Curtis’ life is being a Godly parent. Curtis said, “You will not know how good of a parent you are until you see how your grandchildren turn out.”  He talked about how his family supported him, and prayed for him, fasting every Friday for 2 years. In the end, they were blessed and praised God for what he was doing in their lives. Curtis encouraged everyone to trust God, because He can use us. He said, “We can always grow if we allow God to direct our steps.” He also reminded everyone to pray. Our prayers are heard, and God’s will is fulfilled through them. Curtis’ message boiled down to a single point, we should be aware of, and follow God’s calling in our lives.