Garry Nation

Garry Nation is an veteran stage actor who has arrived only recently to film. A minister in real life, Garry often portrays biblical characters, and made his film debut as Rabbi Meir in Indescribable. Soon after he was cast as an ancient Church Father in the title role in Polycarp for which he won Best Actor award at the International Christian Film Festival, and has played several lead roles since then.

This year he will appear as the Magi priest Melchior in Chasing the Star, and as Gen. Robert E. Lee in the TV series Legends & Lies, Season 3: The Civil War. The multi-talented actor is also a musician, speaker, educator, author, and scholar, holding a Ph.D. from a major Protestant seminary.

An Oklahoma native, Garry lives in Rockwall, Texas with his wife Linda. They have three grown children and a growing number of grandchildren.

Guild Workshop

Character Study: One Actor’s Approach
The most important part of an actor’s craft is character study: mining their function, foundation, and arc from the script, in order to portray them in all their compelling truth. Award-winning actor Garry Nation will share how he uses his study of the Bible to guide his process of understanding each character and script. Come learn his top tools and tips for giving characters depth and finding the “music” for every role.