Eddie Roman

Eddie Roman began working with video in 1986, when he produced segments for the Hoover high school news program. As pro BMX rider, Eddie began filming action sports in the late 80’s, and honed his editing skills on linear (non-computer) editing systems, producing videos for the home VHS market. In 1993 he was hired by GT Bicycles to produce videos, commercials and BMX TV shows for Fox Sports Network. 1996 was the year Eddie transitioned into full time Christian media work, as he joined Safe Harbor International and began documenting mission work and Christian persecution in Sudan. He then produced Greg Laurie’s Harvest TV show and various projects for Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Association. Eddie currently works as production manager for Living Waters Productions, producing/directing/editing and sometimes shooting The Way of the Master TV show as well as many other broadcast TV programs. The Way of the Master is broadcast in over 120 countries. At this writing, the Living Waters YouTube channel has more subscribers and views than any other Christian ministry. Eddie’s drive to create quality Christian programming is fueled by his passion for evangelism. He lives in Southern California with his wife Carri and their four sons.

Guild Workshop

  • The Way of the Master: Mission Europe
  • What do you do when Ray Comfort hands you a pile of unorganized videos of his street-preaching trip to Europe, and wants you to make an entire season of TV shows hosted by Kirk Cameron, even though Kirk was not on the trip? You produce The Way of the Master: Mission Europe. Producer / director / editor Eddie Roman shares his thought process on approaching and directing the show through 13 episodes. How do you keep things fresh when the subject is the same thing in each episode? How do you tackle huge theological issues in a quick, fun way? How can you include bad quality footage in a professional production? These are just some of the issues Eddie will address as he gives you a first hand account of what it’s like to create a broadcast TV show. Ends with Q and A.