Daniel Knudsen

Daniel Knudsen is a filmmaker from the Detroit, Michigan area. He has directed or produced several feature films including Creed of Gold, A Horse Called Bear, Rather to be Chosen and Lifestone Velocity. Daniel has worked in the industry over a decade and has a passion for creating quality family entertainment. His films have been complimented by the Dove Foundation for their promotion of family values through entertaining stories. He is a graduate of Thomas Edison State College and a lifetime student of storytelling. While not in the editing room or on a shoot he enjoys bike riding and watching the sun set.

Guild Workshops

Producing a Commercially Viable Film

Few runners actually run a marathon and few filmmakers actually make a feature film. The right strategy before hand can prepare filmmakers for the daunting race of doing a feature and empower them to finish stronger. This workshop will discuss the business side of vetting a script, the practical side of shooting a film and the distribution side of marketing the final project. It will focus on how to allocate resources effectively and how to craft projects that will have greater audience impact.

Conducting Interviews: Live Demonstration

Interview segments make up the majority of network TV and serve as a foundation for a large portion of commercial media. Whether you are doing an electronic press kit for a movie or working as a broadcast journalist, filming interviews is an essential skill in the media field. This session will cover the basics of setting up an interview technically. It will also cover how to film it properly with cameras, lighting, sound, etc. We will explore basic strategies for getting good content to be used in commercial media. This live demonstration will include an actual film shoot where the audience can observe the process first hand.

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