Dallas Lammiman

Dallas Lammiman (Director/DP/Visual Effects Supervisor) has loved Visual Effects since he and his father started their production company (MovieMakers) in 2006, creating educational films. In 2011 Dallas directed his first feature film, a Christian sci-fi thriller, on a budget of $4,000. Dallas led a team of 20 volunteer effect artists from around the world to complete over 300 visual effect shots for the film. Dallas has recently been involved in the launch of the ACCFM Filmmakers Intensive (Alberta, Canada). His film credits include: Amazing Map, Amazing Math, Amazing Detectives, Movie Making 101, Entrusted With Arrows, Remember, and he is now in production on 2 new films My Grandpa Detective and Mayflower II. Dallas lives in Alberta, Canada and was recently married to his bride Jylisa in November of 2013.

Guild Workshop

  • Introduction to VFX – March 11th, 10:45am
Website: new.moviemakers.ca Facebook: www.facebook.com/DallasandJyl IMDb: www.imdb.com/name/nm4933219/