Curtis Bowers

Curtis Bowers has started and operated many businesses over the last 25 years, most notably his three Award-Winning Mona Lisa Fondue Restaurants. Curtis has also served as a State Representative in the Idaho Legislature.

In 2010, the Bowers’ family film project called AGENDA: Grinding America Down won the $101,000 Grand Prize for “Best of Festival” at the SAICFF. AGENDA has been successfully distributed through the grassroots efforts of many worldwide.

Curtis now speaks extensively around the U.S. on the Progressives’ long war against God and how the intentional promotion of Socialist and Communistic ideas has changed America from within.

Curtis and his wife of 24 years, Lauren, live in rural Idaho where they home educate their 9 children (3 girls and 6 boys), are actively involved in their church, manage Copybook Heading Productions and sing as a family at events in the Northwest.

Curtis is currently finishing production on the sequel to AGENDA.