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Awakened to Truth

This film tells the story of a Serve India Ministries’ pastor. James grew up worshiping the idols that his family created. But God wouldn’t let James run from Him. Today, Pastor James shares the same truth that he was awakened to with the people of his village and surrounding villages. These people sit in spiritual darkness. They face incredible difficulties – socially, physically, and economically. Pastor James says, “When they… realize that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the whole world, they want to follow Him.” For the issues of our day, for the people of India, and for all nations, the Gospel is the answer. When the Gospel comes and awakens people to truth, it changes everything.

(PROMOTIONAL – 5 minutes)
Director – Peter Clark/Sarah Ferraro
Producer – Peter Clark/Sarah Ferraro
Director of Photography – Marvin Orellana/Austin McCardie