Armor of God

“Detective David Martinez (Jonathan Garcia) and Sargent Steven Hye (Thomas Grower) argue why, in today’s America, there is such turmoil between citizens and the police-force when suddenly they’re interrupted by a dispatch call that takes them to the home of a demon possessed John Ropes (Sean Hanlon).

Upon arriving at the location, they question the land lord Aida Kzefesky (Sherri Cowie), a nosey neighbor with the local police on speed-dial, regarding the strange behaviors John Ropes has been exhibiting. What is on the other side of John Ropes’ door is certainly not what any ordinary police officer is trained for. It takes the wearing of a unique piece of body armor to truly protect & serve: the Armor of God.”

(Short Film – 14)
Director – Xavier Garcia
Producer – Xavier Garcia
Director of Photography – Jonathan Garcia