Anthony Comstock 2

Anthony Comstock: Fighter

The thrilling and adventurous true story of how one godly man single-handedly fought the battle for national purity…and won.

This is a story where the hero is not a thief, murderer, or a desperado, but a moral hero, whose chief trait of character is standing for the right. But how does one become a hero… a real hero? There is no such thing as a super-hero. Men do not acquire special powers from other planets, bitten by radioactive spiders, taking experimental serum or creating super-powered suits of armor. But, there is such a thing as a true, moral hero…Godly heroes have origins. This is the origin story of Anthony Comstock.

SHORT FILM – 15:28

Director – Kevin Peeples

Producer – The BIRTH CONTROL Movie Project

Director of Photography – Kevin Peeples