Andrew Garcia

Andrew is an award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer. His passion for filmmaking started when he was 8 years old and developed into a full time career in adulthood. He received multiple awards for his feature length missions documentary “Two Hats” and won awards for a short film based on the Prodigal Son entitled “The Lighthouse”. He now owns his own production company, producing content all over the world for ministries and non profits. He lives in Boise, ID with his wife Kayla, and two sons Jonathan and Joshua.

Guild Workshops

  • How to make a Full Time Income as a Freelance Video Producer
I’ll share from my own experience, how I started out voluntarily producing missions videos and turned it into a successful full time business. I will cover the aspects of finding your passion, developing your gifts, giving your clients a great experience, and cultivating a brand.
  • Missionary Documentary Filmmaking
From choosing your content, to planning your shoot, to editing, I’ll share from my own experiences producing a feature length missions documentary halfway around the world.