Andrew Bolzman

Andrew Bolzman, an adventurous dreamer, has always loved movies and the world of imagination they provide. In 2007, he found that working as a production assistant on the film Come What May was the beginning of a dream come true. Captivated by the film industry, Andrew attended Compass Film Academy, graduating in 2009. Since then, Andrew has been busy with numerous feature films. He worked on several projects, including Alone Yet Not Alone, Beyond the Mask and The Ultimate Life. In 2009, Andrew joined Golden Vision Films and produced the Christian feature film Beyond Acceptance in the summer of 2010. Andrew gained valuable experience through this process by working as producer while also doing accounting and legal work. Since then, Andrew continues to travel the United States working on Christian film sets across the nation.

Guild Workshops

Production Managers: What We Do & Why You Should Care
Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to make the production run smoothly? Do you know what challenges are faced and overcome before a single camera can roll? Do you have a great project idea but don’t know how to get started? Join me as we pull back the curtain on the Production Manager’s journey of shepherding the crew and budget from beginning to end.

First Assistant Directors: What We Do & Why You Should Care
All right people, we have 60 minutes to dive into the work of the First AD, so let’s not waste any time. I want everyone in their seats and ready to go. Now is the time for last looks (and bathroom stops). Are we ready? Quiet please… And roll camera!

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