ABC Say it with me 3 ABC Say It With Me – Bible Memory Verses

ABC Say It With Me teaches children of all ages (and adults too!) a memory verse for each letter of the alphabet. But that???s not all! Each letter also features an engaging one to two minute vignette of the corresponding verse.  
  • In ‘B’ a brother remembers to be kind by sharing with his little sister.
  • In ‘D’ children are encouraged to pick up their toys without complaining.
  • In ‘T’ a 13 year-old brother takes time to read the Bible to his younger siblings.
  Filled with delightful music and endearing scenes of home, farm, and family life, ABC Say It With Me promotes family unity, Scriptural truths, and, most importantly , the gospel message of Jesus Christ.


Director – Shane Moore
Producer – Shane Moore
Director of Photography – Shane Moore