Aaron Burns

Aaron Burns is the award winning producer of Burns Family Studios’ Beyond the Mask and Pendragon: Sword of His Father, and associate producer and postproduction supervisor of the SONY box office hit War Room. Aaron earned his BA and MBA from Oakland University. Aaron has a passion for using feature films to inspire young people hope in the Gospel; he and his wife Andrea live with their two sons in Michigan.

Guild Workshops

“We’ll Fix it in Post” – Postproduction and the VFX Pipeline

In this hands-on, practical workshop we’ll walk through the whole postproduction process, starting with what needs to be done in the earliest stages of filmmaking to ensure the finish product looks and sounds amazing.

Visual Effects

The Sequence and the Shot. This workshop dives into the creative, technical, and collaborative world of VFX, with real world behind-the-scenes inside from the feature films Beyond the Mask and War Room.