4 Proches

Once upon a time, there was a family in the Hill Country of Texas who had fun together. This little family had four little ones: Beecher, Ezra, Liza, and Asa. These little ones grew into big ones; these big ones loved playing music together and God gave them a dream to use this music to give to others a vision of hope and a future and purpose. Some of their music was Gospel, some Bluegrass, and some just plain folksy and fun. They even began to write their own music about life and love and faith and family.

D.C. Innes at World Magazine is quoted as saying, “The family in America is in crisis. Families have scattered lives. They don’t eat together, they rarely even see each other, and when they are together they live in electronic isolation of one another. Relationships are strained. “What a hard message! We would love to communicate that the opposite is possible.

Through our music, we want to give families hope: with laughter, good music, and a sweet picture of relationships brothers and a sister can really experience. We want to encourage. We want to brighten a day. We want to entertain with beautiful harmonies and merry fun.