Feature Films

Feature Films

Because of Grácia

A young man trying to get through high school unnoticed. A new student who disturbs the status quo. A teenager in trouble from a dating relationship gone too far. The choices they make will change their lives forever.
Directed by Tom Simes, 106 Minutes


In the supercharged world of dirt track racing, a single mistake causes the lives of two men to change forever. One must fight for his family, the other must fight to forgive.
Directed by Judd Brannon, 116 Minutes

Fourth World

Inspired by true events, FOURTH WORLD is a gritty adventure story of one girl’s survival.
Directed by David Bolt, 85 Minutes

Heaven Bound

A financially desperate couple robs a mansion, and becomes the victims themselves when they are trapped inside of it by a dying Christian man who will not let them leave until they’ve made a decision to follow Jesus.
Directed by Gabe McCauley, 96 Minutes

Miles Between Us

A father and daughter who have been estranged by divorce for twelve years find themselves on a trip across the country that becomes a more complicated journey than they imagined. It’s a story of pain, hope, healing, and redemption.
Directed by Andrew Hunt, 92 Minutes

Newton's Grace

A brash and violent sailor named John Newton is punished for desertion, sold into slavery and nearly dies in a violent storm at sea before surrendering to God’s will and becoming a famous pastor, abolitionist and the hymn-writer of “Amazing Grace.”
Directed by John Jackman, 78 Minutes


Rachel Cartwright and Mitchell Little grow up together, but it takes forty years for their friendship to blossom into a romance.
Directed by Sharon Wilharm, 81 Minutes

Salted Christmas

Three generations of the Fairway family ensure the Christmas season has the opportunity to be about Christ through their involvement in fostercare, adoption, retirement community, and homeless ministry.
Directed by Don McChesney, 94 Minutes

Short Films

Short Films

A Matter of Perspective

When a businessman’s discontentment nearly costs him his career, he is awakened to the treasure he’s had all along.
Directed by Michael Hill , 28 Minutes

Carry Me Home

Maria Ennals and her family seize the opportunity to escape from slavery after encountering Harriet Tubman in the woods.
Directed by Joshua Henry, 23 Minutes

Create Praise

An epic parallel based off of Psalm 127:3-5
Directed by Zach Fowler, 4 Minutes


Is hard work enough in life? A young man believes it is until he hits rock bottom and realizes that he may not be able to get himself out of his imprisoning debt alone.
Directed by Hannah Gray, 10 Minutes

Happy Together

Luke, a hopelessly shy romantic, encounters Rachel, a stunning and lively woman, which prompts him to dream of his potential future with her.
Directed by Wesley Wood, 3 Minutes

Interrogation of Self

A man struggles to overcome the man he used to be before he found Christ.
Directed by Gabriel Auffant, 5 Minutes

Meant to Be

Meant to be is based off of a true story that tells about the trauma that adopted children experience.
Directed by Joe Henline, 4 Minutes

Mission Underground

This short film – featuring an all kid cast – follows the adventure of a failing young detective who is given one last chance to prove himself.
Directed by Ethan Hill, 14 Minutes

My Rock

A civilian and a military first lieutenant set out on a simple mission, but are separated after an ambush of enemy forces. Will they be left to die in uncertain moments of fear and despair, or will they trust in their God, their Rock?
Directed by Caleb Phipps, 22 Minutes


What would you do if you had one day to live?
Directed by Gwendelynn Martindale, 15 Minutes


Led by a mysterious compass, a homeless woman embarks on a perilous journey to find healing for her broken hands.
Directed by Christopher Wiegand, 13 Minutes

Road to Emmaus

Three days ago, the One they had hoped was their Messiah lay dead in the grave— today the tomb is empty… Following Passover, two disciples try making sense of it all as they journey home on the Road to Emmaus.
Directed by David Helling, 7 Minutes

Rubber Ducky

A lonely boy. An alley street. And a rubber ducky.
Directed by Silas Firth, 16 Minutes

The Fall of Man

The reason for pain, for suffering, for death, “The Fall of Man” vividly depicts how it all began- bringing us to that single act of disobedience which echoes in the lives of us all.
Directed by David Helling, 10 Minutes

The Mission

D.B. wants to locate the only other survivor from his WWII bombing crew to deliver an important message.
Directed by Cynthia Harford, 7 Minutes

The Noah Interview

Skeptics and scoffers “interview” Noah about the building of the Ark as he shares building plans and the truth of God’s judgment and mercy.
Directed by John Grooters, 21 Minutes

The Pit

There is treasure to be discovered, and one man will stop at nothing to possess it.
Directed by Kent Nelson, 24 Minutes


Caught in the crosshairs of a criminal investigation, Derek Taylor recalls the details of his involvement to a suspicious detective.
Directed by Jarod O’Flaherty, 27 Minutes



A Girl Like Me

Stephanie Melton must learn to overcome her painful past with the help of Christ.
Directed by Danielle Wunker, 5 Minutes

BIRTH CONTROL: How Did We Get Here

The first of two films focuses on the history of birth control & it’s impact on the church, marriage, & family.
Directed by Kevin Peeples, 65 Minutes

Brian Anderson

Giving lunch to a homeless man leads to a culture changing ministry in the South Side of Chicago.
Directed by Barrett Kaufman, 4 Minutes

Building of the Ark

This new documentary lets you relive the planning and construction of the full-size Noah’s Ark in Kentucky.
Directed by Ben Wilt, 30 Minutes

Delia's Story

A story showing that God can redeem even the darkest parts of our life and marriage.
Barrett Kaufman, 4 Minutes

Facing Darkness

A Christian relief organization is met with the challenge of fighting the Ebola epidemic in west Africa, through this enormous challenge their faith grew.
Directed by Arthur Rasco, 97 Minutes

How Do You Like Me Now?

What sometimes happens in a Christian home when a child, parent, spouse or sibling says they’re gay.
Directed by Karl Sutton, 88 Minutes

Invisible: The Story and Hope of Mexico's Street Kids

A compassionate American singer sets her sights on helping street kids in the unforgiving streets of Mexico City.
Directed by Stephen John Spivey, 53 Minutes

Jerusalem: An Unforgettable City

Jerusalem: An Unforgettable City is a documentary about the significance and grandeur of the ancient city of Jerusalem, and its relationship to biblical history and thought. Shot on location in Israel, this film examines the unique location, topography, history, and archaeological environs of what many consider to be the most important city in all of human history.
Directed by John Moore, 26 Minutes

John Bunyan: The People's Pilgrim

John Bunyan suffered great persecution and survived to write one of the most influential works of Christian literature, The Pilgrim’s Progress.
Directed by Gary Wilkinson, 50 Minutes


A son’s wayward choices. A father’s anguished regret. A mother’s incredible prayer. God’s awesome mercy.
Directed by Brian Ivie , 22 Minutes

Under God?

One nation under God, a statement we throw out all the time, yet is that what this nation really is? Created for Independence Day 2015.
Directed by Nathaniel Mervar, 7 Minutes

Wild Brothers Changes in Latitude

A homeschooling missionary family adjusts to changes in location, family dynamics, and growing up as they visit coastal towns before their return to the States.
Directed by Mike Wild, 30 Minutes

Weapons of Mass Instruction: Unearthing the Truth

Do you ever have deep questions about life? About life? Our origins? We investigate the opposing worldviews and follow the evidence where it leads. Join President and Co-Founder of Reasons for Hope, Carl Kerby, on an incredible journey of discovery. Carl and his friends take you to the dinosaur fields of Glendive, Montana to learn from fossils first hand in this fun, fast-paced adventure. What worldview does the evidence support? Hold on because you may just be surprised.
Directed by Tom Small, 30 Minutes

Animated Films

Animated Films

3 Days in the Fish

The Biblical Prophet Jonah is conflicted when God tells him to travel to the wicked city of Nineveh.
Directed by Ryan Nitsch, 22 Minutes

deBunked: Can i Earn My Salvation?

In this episode the idea that you can earn, buy, or work your way into salvation is deBunked.
Directed by Bub Kuns , 3 Minutes

Missionary Penny

What if we gave our all to God?
Directed by Nathaniel Mervar, 5 Minutes

Torchlighters: The Martin Luther Story

A 19th century Welsh missionary risks his life to bring the Bible to the Hermit Kingdom of Korea.
Directed by Robert Fernandez, 30 Minutes

Music Videos

Music Videos

Come Down

The mystery of the Word, woven into a melody.
Directed by Patience Pennington, 5 Minutes

Jarrell 'Dreamers'

Christian rapper Jarrell Flowers, thanks his wife for staying by his side through all the ups and downs of business, ministry, and marriage.
Directed by Sharon Patience Pennington , 4 Minutes

Life is Hard (God is Good)

Although the foreboding mansion underscores the title of the song (Life is Hard), the message of hope is clear: God is good.
Directed by Luke & Laura Johnson, 5 Minutes


Just 2 days before he can get out of the foster system, a boy must face a new home, new family, and the trauma of his past.
Directed by Nathan Jacobson, 5 Minutes

Promotional Films

Promotional Films

"Whatever It Takes" Ministries

Two couples share their powerful story to freedom and healing in their marriage as they applied tools they learned while attending a WIT Ministries Couples Intensive.
Directed by John-Clay Burnett, 5 Minutes

Carver College

Hear from students and faculty about how God is using Carver College to transform lives!
Directed by John-Clay Burnett, 3 Minutes

Encouraging Family Ministry

Music. Service. Ministry. How can your family serve God together?
Directed by Hannah Kenney, 3 Minutes

Foltz Trucking, Inc.

Learn what sets Foltz Trucking apart as one of the largest hopper-bottom trucking companies in the Midwest!
Directed by Andrew Bartlett, 3 Minutes


Frontline Ministries shares a heart for the unreached and a call to advance the frontline of missions.
Directed by Joe Henline, 4 Minute

Jeyapal's Story

Find out what makes every Joni and Friends Family Retreat such an unforgettable week.
Directed by John-Clay & Sarah Burnett, 3 Minutes

Overflowing with Thankfulness Conference Promo

Promo video for FORGE Ministries 2017 conference: “Overflowing with Thankfulness”
Directed by Micah Moody, 3 Minutes

Realize Your Dream - Universal Windows Direct

Realize your home improvement dreams with Cleveland Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson and Universal Windows Direct.
Directed by Mitch Silvius, 1 Minutes

The Spiritual Impact of Oklahoma JLTA

Is it possible to hold on to Scriptural truth, engage today’s young men, and involve them in leadership and ministry to their peers? The Oklahoma Royal Rangers Junior Leadership Training Academy believes that it is.
Directed by Johnathan Schutz, 1 Minutes


Rookie Jake “The Viking” Anders is facing his first fight, and his only chance of beating the odds is his tireless devotion to training.
Directed by Nathan Jacobson, 2 Minutes

UPSTREAM International

Getting out of the church pews to help empower people to live on purpose
Directed by Spencer Weaver, 3 Minutes

What is a Man?

Restoring manhood is the secret to restoring ruins.
Directed by David Kiern, 3 Minutes

You Are Part of The Story

Our life story … full of struggle, roots, failure, destiny … and Hope. The journey we take so candidly parallels an untold tale from deep inside the Heartland of Israel.
Directed by Elizabeth Recker, 3 Minutes

Young Filmmakers

Young Filmmakers

Family. Unity. Harmony - The Plath Family

A family band shares the secret of their harmony.
Directed by William Willer, 17 Minutes

Father-Daughter Dance

A young girl is heartbroken because she’s not able to attend the father-daughter dance at her school because her daddy is in jail.
Directed by Garrison Hill, 4 Minutes

In the Sweet By and By - A Capella

From a cathedral to a blooming orchard, this one man a Capella choir transports you to the “Sweet By and By”.
Directed by Micah Derksen , 3 Minutes


The Sugar Creek Gang is on the trail of a couple of watermelon thieves, only they don’t yet realize that the crooks are no stranger to their town!
Directed by Joseph Sidor, 20 Minutes

Matt Jr.

The infant son of a political candidate comes to the aid of his father’s campaign.
Directed by William Willer, 2 Minutes

Paladins Conquest

Four daring Paladins battle against a corrupt King of Darkness who is attempting to ultimately destroy the beautiful and peaceful Kingdom.
Directed by Elijah Perry, 28 Minutes

Snowflakes and Diamonds

A thought provoking glimpse into the struggles of a young woman as she contemplates love, marriage, and the decisions she has to make.
Directed by Johnick Petry, 14 Minutes

The King's Messengers

Two refugees trapped in a war-torn country must work together to withstand a dangerous army.
Directed by Josh Knudsen, 96 Minutes

When Waters Rise

Based on the Parable of the Wise & Foolish Builders, a father and daughter seek refuge and hope in the midst of an unprecedented shoreline disaster.
Directed by Benjamin Hunt & Josh Leong, 17 Minutes

"Honor Your Father" Films

"Honor Your Father" Films

A Homecoming

A distant son visits with his dying father one last time and is reminded that no matter how far he has strayed, his father has always been there for him.
Directed by D. Erik Parks, 3 Minutes
Father Daughter Dance

Father Daughter Dance

A young girl is heartbroken because she’s not able to attend the father-daughter dance at her school because her daddy is in jail.
Directed by Garrison Hill, 4 Minutes

Fatherhood Rewind

While cleaning the basement a young dad discovers old VHS tapes and relives his childhood with his son.
Directed by Adam Gregory, 3 Minutes


A young man struggles with loss and forgiveness.
Directed by Johnick Petry, 3 Minutes

Guiding Hand

A young woman looks back at how her father’s guidance was invaluable in her life.
Directed by Pam True, 3 Minutes

In Dads Steps

Fathers, remember the little things in life count
Directed by Paul Watje, 3 Minutes

Leagues Above

A father guides his son and daughter through underwater perils.
Directed by Isaac Smith, 3 Minutes

Like Father Like Son

God puts fathers on earth so we can understand the likeness of our Father in Heaven.
Directed by Xavier Garcia, 3 Minutes

My Dad

“Most think as a high-school grad, you just don’t talk about your dad. To me that kind of thinking is sad, so allow me to tell you about my Dad.”
Directed by Nathaniel Mervar, 3 Minutes

On Trial

The judge is in. How is a dad’s success measured?
Directed by Calli Pittman, 2 Minutes

The Change

A father encourages his son to accept the responsibility of fatherhood.
Directed by Brian Ellison, 3 Minutes

The Dream

A young boy dreams of the father he never had.
Directed by Ginger South, 3 Minutes

The Legacy Of Craftsmanship

A craftsman remembers his father’s legacy and discovers the importance of teaching by example.
Directed by Morgan Willer, 3 Minutes

To Our Father

Appreciation of our father
Directed by Mike Maria, 3 Minutes

When Im With You

Through the years, a father makes special memories with his daughter, until work responsibilities threaten to sidetrack him.
Directed by Ethan Hill, 3 Minutes