Feature Films

Feature Films

Badge of Faith

Bryan Lawrence serves a greater calling then just To Protect and Serve.
Directed by Donald Leow, 97 Minutes


HOOVEY is the inspiring and true story of a Midwestern basketball family that, with God’s help, stayed in the game and won.
Directed by Sean McNamara, 91 Minutes

My Grandpa Detective

A small town detective is partnered with his estranged grandfather, who is called out of retirement for six days.
Directed by Dallas Lammimann, 113 Minutes

Rather to be Chosen

Will a man accuse the woman he loves, in order to save his company and family fortune?
Directed by Daniel Knudsen, 103 Minutes

The Deceived

A woman uncovers the origins of Planned Parenthood and it’s intended genocide of African-Americans.
Directed by Markus C. Cook, 36 Minutes

The Defense of New Haven

Crossbows, boats, spies, and cannons clash as the City Defense Force and Raiders square off in The Defense of New Haven – a fun all-children cast, family action/adventure movie.
Directed by Joel Steege, 83 Minutes

The Gamer's Guide to Surviving the Camping Apocalypse

Two veteran video gamers must face their greatest fear: the great outdoors.
Directed by Nathaniel Schexnayder, 45 Minutes

The List

What does it profit a man to gain the world?
Directed by Georgia Tanner, 109 Minutes

The Messenger's Box

Never underestimate the power within your heart.
Directed by Gary Bosek, 90 Minutes

The Screenwriters

Two screenwriters must finish a feature length screenplay in less than 24-hours or else.
Directed by Peter Forbes, 77 Minutes

Trouble in the Plate

What happens when something mysterious appears in the collection plate?
Directed by Gary T. Smith, 54 Minutes

Until Forever

A young couple struggles with doubt and fear when a medical diagnosis threatens to shatter their dreams.
Directed by Michael Linn, 101 Minutes

Short Films

Short Films

A Matter of Perspective

When a businessman’s discontentment nearly costs him his career, he is awakened to the treasure he’s had all along.
Directed by Michael Hill , 28 Minutes

Carry Me Home

Maria Ennals and her family seize the opportunity to escape from slavery after encountering Harriet Tubman in the woods.
Directed by Joshua Henry, 23 Minutes

Create Praise

An aspiring dancer cultivates her gift as praise to her Savior amid ordinary life.
Directed by Zach Fowler, 4 Minutes


Is hard work enough in life? A young man believes it is until he hits rock bottom and realizes that he may not be able to get himself out of his imprisoning debt alone.
Directed by Hannah Gray, 10 Minutes

Happy Together

Luke, a hopelessly shy romantic, encounters Rachel, a stunning and lively woman, which prompts him to dream of his potential future with her.
Directed by Wesley Wood, 7 Minutes

Interrogation of Self

A man struggles to overcome the man he used to be before he found Christ.
Directed by Gabriel Auffant, 5 Minutes

Meant to Be

Meant to be is based off of a true story that tells about the trauma that adopted children experience.
Directed by Joe Henline, 4 Minutes

Mission Underground

This short film – featuring an all kid cast – follows the adventure of a failing young detective who is given one last chance to prove himself.
Directed by Ethan Hill, 14 Minutes


What would you do if you had one day to live?
Directed by Gwendelynn Martindale, 15 Minutes


Led by a mysterious compass, a homeless woman embarks on a perilous journey to find healing for her broken hands.
Directed by Christopher Wiegand, 13 Minutes

Road to Emmaus

Three days ago, the One they had hoped was their Messiah lay dead in the grave— today the tomb is empty… Following Passover, two disciples try making sense of it all as they journey home on the Road to Emmaus.
Directed by David Helling, 7 Minutes

Rubber Ducky

A lonely boy. An alley street. And a rubber ducky.
Directed by Silas Firth, 16 Minutes

Snowflakes and Diamonds

A thought provoking glimpse into the struggles of a young woman as she contemplates love, marriage, and the decisions she has to make.
Directed by Johnick Petry, 14 Minutes

The Fall of Man

The reason for pain, for suffering, for death, “The Fall of Man” vividly depicts how it all began- bringing us to that single act of disobedience which echoes in the lives of us all.
Directed by David Helling, 10 Minutes

The Mission

D.B. wants to locate the only other survivor from his WWII bombing crew to deliver an important message.
Directed by Cynthia Harford, 7 Minutes

The Noah Interview

Skeptics and scoffers “interview” Noah about the building of the Ark as he shares building plans and the truth of God’s judgment and mercy.
Directed by John Grooters, 21 Minutes

The Pit

There is treasure to be discovered, and one man will stop at nothing to possess it.
Directed by Kent Nelson, 24 Minutes


Caught in the crosshairs of a criminal investigation, Derek Taylor recalls the details of his involvement to a suspicious detective.
Directed by Jarod O’Flaherty, 27 Minutes



AGENDA 2:Masters of Deceit

The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.
Directed by Curtis Bowers, 87 Minutes

Anchored: A Grandfather's Legacy

A storyteller’s legacy is preserved as his captivating life is told through the eyes of his granddaughter.
Directed by Wesley Strackbein, Shanna Strackbein, 84 Minutes

BETWEENTIME: The Best Friend of All

In this pivotal Betweentime episode, the student hosts and their friends take Emmy’s poem and use it to create a powerful song and music video about the best friend of all.
Directed by Sharon Metzger Neve, 29 Minutes

Buddy Davis' Amazing Adventures: Alaska!

Join Buddy Davis in this 4th episode of the “Amazing Adventures” DVD series as he treks through the wilderness of Alaska!
Directed by Ben Wilt, 28 Minutes

Dispatches from the Front: Day of Battle

Dr. Tim Keesee of Frontline Missions International gives viewers a front row seat in witnessing the dramatic ways Christ is advancing His Kingdom in North Africa.
Directed by Peter Hansen, 61Minutes

Dispatches from the Front: No Regrets, No Retreat

Travel with Dr. Tim Keesee to scope the Gospel’s advance in China–birthplace of modern missions 200 years ago, and home today to brave believers who are taking risks and giving bold witness.
Directed by Peter Hansen, 72 Minutes

Finding Noah

A group of intrepid explorers go on a journey of discovery and excitement as they climb and live atop a 17,000ft mountain in Eastern Turkey to conduct a scientific expedition to determine the final resting place of Noah’s Ark.
Directed by Brent Baum, 97 Minutes

Jon & Erin

The journey and celebration of a wedding that tours Chicago.
Directed by Barrett Kaufman, 3 Minutes

Labeled: the update

An update on ‘Labeled’, the powerful documentary which premiered at the inaugural Christian Worldview Film Festival.
Directed by Hannah Allison, 10 Minutes

Less Hell, More Angel

Once a year, a surprising multicultural mix of biker crews come together and pray for each other.
Directed by Christian D’Andrea, 11 Minutes

Life in Osborn

Life In Osborn tells the story of how a non-profit organization intent upon improving a high school ends up improving an entire community in Detroit.
Directed by Walter V. Marshall, 83 Minutes

Light Wins: How to Overcome the Criminalization of Christianity

When evil is called good, darkness is ushered into the land–and with that darkness comes an assault to our freedom. This film will enlighten, equip, and ignite courage to engage in the battle, with a stark reminder that in the battle between darkness and light: Light Wins.
Directed by Janet (Folger) Porter, 100 Minutes

Mining For God

A search for ancient truth in a modern world.
Directed by Brandon McGuire, 64 Minutes

Project Pearl

The true story of a group of Christians that tried to smuggle 1 million Bibles into communist China in 1981.
Directed by Nathan VonMinden, 11 Minutes

The 5 Day Adoption

This new documentary film explores the incredible true story about the power of prayer and courageous faith in God as a family embarks on a fast-paced 5 day adoption journey.
Directed by Kevin Peeples, 47 Minutes

The Harbinger Man

A biographical documentary, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn reveals (in his own words) his journey from being God’s enemy to becoming a close confidante.
Directed by George Escobar, 101 Minutes

The Life of David Brainerd: A Documentary

Featuring interviews with nine different historians, professors, and pastors, this documentary explores the most influential book on Christian missions in modern history.
Directed by Joe Tyrpak, 57 Minutes

The Penny Suit

A former pro skater was known for his outlandish creativity. As a Christian, he now uses it for God.
Directed by Jeremey Wilson, 18 Minutes

Through Deep Waters

Trusting God through the Seasons of Grief.
Directed by Jonathan Einwechter, 60 Minutes

TIM - 2015 Update

True story of Tim demonstrating describing his journey from addicted criminal to redeemed servant of God.
Directed by Penny Carlisi, 27 Minutes

Unexpected Journey

Genuine hope is unveiled in the darkest moments.
Directed by Don Albert, 30 Minutes

Wild Brothers Jewels of the Jungle

A homeschooling missionary family must survive in a remote jungle while befriending animistic tribal people and using renewable resources to power translation computers and build their modest home.
Directed by Mike & Morgan Wild, 28 Minutes

Wild Brothers Paradise Lost

A homeschooling missionary family must survive in a remote jungle while befriending animistic tribal people and using renewable resources to power translation computers and build their modest home.
Directed by Mike & Morgan Wild, 28 Minutes

Animated Films

Animated Films

Jack and Chris

A fellow roommate gives his friend a perfect example of the gospel, unintentionally.
Directed by James Pettett, 2 Minutes

Raegan and RJ in Space: First to Mars

In the near future 50 families founded Hope TN and the Christian Space Program, with the goal of colonizing other star systems for Jesus. In ‘Raegan and RJ in Space: First to Mars’ Raegan, her little brother RJ, and 6 of their friends become the first humans to visit Mars.
Directed by Cliff Dew, Samuel Rosette, 5 Minutes

Torchlighters: The Robert Jermain Thomas Story

A 19th century Welsh missionary risks his life to bring the Bible to the Hermit Kingdom of Korea.
Directed by Robert Fernandez, 34 Minutes

Choice of a Lifetime

A young couple, an unplanned pregnancy, and a choice.
Directed by Garrison Hill, 3 Minutes

Epic Tails: Gossiping Guppies

Enjoy this fabulous “Epic Tail” about the the dangers of gossip!
Directed by Zach Miller , 3 Minutes

Two Friends, Two Different Destinies

If you died today, where would you spend eternity?
Directed by Nathaniel Mervar, 17 Minutes

Music Videos

Music Videos

B Minor by The Johnson Strings

The Johnson Strings deliver fancy licks, furious fiddling, and driving rhythm in this musical powerhouse – pure fiddling at its best!
Directed by Laura Johnson, 17 Minutes

Before The Throne

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16
Directed by Justin Barber, 4 Minutes


The BETWEENTIME Music Video, which was created by youth, includes fun and fabulous Middle Schoolers singing, rapping and dancing! They are so full of hope and life that you’ll want to get up and dance too!
Directed by Sharon Metzger Neve , 3 Minutes

Irish Legend

Experience the open beauty of the windswept Loess Hills as a band of musicians journey through rolling hills, prairie grasslands, and lush forests, converging in a race against time.
Directed by Laura Johnson, 7 Minutes


Your life matters. Are you changing the world through your purpose?
Directed by Timothy Baird, 4 Minutes

Wand'ring Pilgrim by Paul Keew & Jon Horton

Official music video for the original song “Wand’ring Pilgrim” by Paul Keew & Jon Horton, as featured in the feature length documentary “The Life of David Brainerd.”
Directed by Mitchell Silvius, 6 Minutes

We Three Kings

Filmed in the grand Paramount Theater, The Johnson Strings bring a virtuosic level of sophistication to this ancient Christmas carol.
Directed by Laura Johnson, 4 Minutes

Promotional Films

Promotional Films

Beacon of Hope

“Beacon of Hope” is a short promotional video for the Beacon of Hope Medical Missions Ministry.
Directed by Joe Henline, 4 Minutes

Catacombs Promo

A modern-day story of persecution, faith, and survival.
Directed by Jacob Schumacher, 2 Minutes

Connecting People and Resources

A brief explanation of how the CO+OP connects churches with the resources they need every day.
Directed by Cameron Malott, 4 Minutes


“f o u N d” is a promotional video spreading awareness for international adoption and the need for specialized medical care. These are real stories told by the actual children.
Directed by Joe Henline, 6 Minutes


Two cowboys face off, using two different brands of razors in a race to obliterate facial hair in record time.
Directed by Jacob Waldorf, 1 Minute

Joni and Friends Family Retreat Trailer

Find out what makes every Joni and Friends Family Retreat such an unforgettable week.
Directed by Ethan Hill and Mike Hill, 2 Minutes

Lindsey Yeagley Photo - Photography Promo Video

A promotional video for Lindsey Yeagley Photo by Silvius Motion Pictures.
Directed by Mitchell Silvius, 3 Minutes

Making Messengers

“Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” Mark 16:15b
Directed by Justin Barber, 3 Minutes


Follow a young girl through key moments in her life, and how those memories connect to a special location from her childhood.
Directed by Andrew Bartlett, 3 Minutes

Mission Impossible - Joni and Friends Family Retreat

At Retreat, families experience Christ-centered encouragement, acceptance, and friendship. Often for first time ever, parents and children who live with disability discover that God cherishes them!
Directed by Ethan Hill and Mike Hill, 3 Minutes

Oregon Life United Campaign

Oregon Life United is sponsoring a brand new 2016 citizen initiative that will stop YOUR tax dollars from paying for more abortions.
Directed by Ethan Hill, 1 Minutes

Orphan Care Solutions

They’re broken. They’re hurt. They’re abandoned. WE are called to care for them.
Directed by Zachary Horner, 4 Minutes

Stafford Fire Department

The dangerous life of a firefighter in Stafford Texas. Follow the brave men and women as they serve their community and try to make it home alive.
Directed by Nathan VonMinden, 10 Minutes

Stolen Moments

Stolen Moments explores the moments we’ve lost due to abortion.
Directed by Jason Vaughn, 1 Minute

Taking the Next Step

Pastor Kishun walks to bring the Gospel to unreached villages in India.
Directed by Peter Clark / John-Clay Burnett, 4 Minutes

Thyatira, Bride and the Dragon

Ever been stuck between a rock and a hard place? This girl is stuck between one set of razor sharp teeth and, well… another set of razor sharp teeth!
Directed by Michael Pilcher, 2 Minutes

Why We Homeschool

The Sprenger family explains why homeschooling is so important in the raising of their children.
Directed by Kellie Crowe, 2 Minutes

Young Filmmakers

Young Filmmakers

Choice of a Lifetime

A young couple, an unplanned pregnancy, and a choice.
Directed by Garrison Hill, 3 Minutes

Epic Tails: Gossiping Guppies

Enjoy this fabulous “Epic Tail” about the the dangers of gossip!
Directed by Zach Miller , 3 Minutes

Jerry and Tom

Two identical twins, Jerry, and Tom, fight over a Christmas star.
Directed by William Cox, 8 Minutes

Labeled: the update

An update on ‘Labeled’, the powerful documentary which premiered at the inaugural Christian Worldview Film Festival.
Directed by Hannah Allison, 10 Minutes

Taste of Summer

It’s the beginning of summer, and what better way to start it than with a little kickball and friends!
Directed by Michael Schmidt, 7 Minutes

Two Friends, Two Different Destinies

If you died today, where would you spend eternity?
Directed by Nathaniel Mervar, 17 Minutes

"Honor Your Father" Films

"Honor Your Father" Films

A Prodigal

Forgiving someone when they deserve it is one thing. Forgiving someone when they don’t is another…
Directed by Alex Philippi, 6 Minutes


An epic parallel based off of Psalm 127:3-5
Directed by Gwendelynn Martindale, 2 Minutes

Family Ties

Follow the journey of a young man as he learns the importance of being grateful.
Directed by John-Clay Burnett, 3 Minutes

Fatherhood - Cherish Every Moment

A devoted father, committed to raising his son for the glory of God, provides the greatest gift possible—the wonderful treasure of time.
Directed by Ethan Hill, 3 Minutes

Just like My Father

My earthly father introduced me to my heavenly Father. This song echoes my desire to be Just Like My Father and introduce my son to his heavenly Father.
Directed by Joseph J Graber, 3 Minutes


Truth is found through the eyes of a child.
Directed by Brett Varvel & Drew Varvel, 3 Minutes

Message of the Heart

Heart felt message from a daughter to her earthly and heavenly father.
Directed by Makayla Cheek, 3 Minutes

My Father in Me

He drank on Saturday night then drove the church bus on Sunday morning. What’s the legacy he’ll leave me?
Directed by Lynda Kay Sawyer, 2 Minutes

Never Forgotten

What seems to be a feuding relationship between a son and his Father, turns out to be much more complex. One simple gesture changes everything.
Directed by Bishoy Anees & Mark Hannai, 3 Minutes

Our Fathers are as Farmers

An artist ponders the likeness between farmers and fathers as she honors her dad.
Directed by Caleb Pittman, 3 Minutes


Most of my Dad’s teaching of God’s Word is by living it.
Directed by Bear Hanrahan, 2 Minutes

Shadow Feather

A young woman dealing with past pain from her father, must learn what honor truly means.
Directed by E. A. Hilaire, 3 Minutes

Thank You Dad

A son’s letter to his dad.
Directed by Gwendelynn Martindale, 3 Minutes

The Father Effect

Thirty years after his dad died, God showed John forgiveness for his dad and he received a second chance to be the man, husband, and dad God created him to be.
Directed by John Finch, 3 Minutes